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Branding and Identity

Greg’s Garage Rebranding

Where there is an old, rusty logo, there is a new, shiny one just dying to get out. Take this rebranding effort for Greg’s Garage, for instance. Our client felt the old logo was outdated and too rough around the edges. It was difficult to read and didn’t portray the level of professionalism that his garage stands for. He wanted to keep the tagline, which harkens back to the good ol’ days when customer service was king, but also launch the brand into modern day.

I/O Designs went to work on a new logo that would help reflect the garage’s current clientele—both modern and classic car owners—with a more stylized approach. We integrated bold colors and a chrome effect to mirror our inspiration (cars, of course) and add a premium touch. We also created a second logo to add versatility to the system and ensured all materials had a professional, cohesive look and feel.

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