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Infiniti of Denver

“Erika Gritters (I/O Designs) never settles for anything less than perfect. The creativity she exudes is obvious in each visually pleasing design piece she produces. She displays acute attention to detail with every project she takes on. Her prompt and professional work ethic is one of the reasons we use her for everything. Erika’s receptive problem solving tactics always find the most creative yet economical solution. And if you work with Erika long enough she almost reads your mind for the information you may have missed when communicating what the project entails.

Erika is the ideal vendor because she is attentive, thorough, honest and ethical. I have worked with an array graphic designers in the past who have lacked in one or more of those areas. You never have to compromise creativity or timely deadlines with I/O Designs. I’m so thankful I found her. If you choose not to settle for anything less than perfect – Choose I/O Designs.”

- Megan Pirovano, Director of Marketing

Antonoff Associates, Inc., Denver

“My publisher went out of business and I needed help making my book look and feel as professional as possible. The book was in it’s eleventh edition and had been published for almost 20 years by a national publishing company. Hiring Erika was the best step I took in continuing the vitality and visibility of the book. She is creative, original, informed, bright, self-directed, and generous with her time. Her design of the book was thematic and accessible. Her skills are in areas such a composition, management, design, publishing, marketing, typography, web design, and communications. Her people skills are as strong as her technical skills. Erika made a difference for my project, and I will use her again.”

- Dr. Steven R. Antonoff

Sherman County Convention & Visitors Bureau

“Erika is wonderful, she is extremely easy to work with and is always available. She worked on a guide book for Northwest Kansas and exceeded my expectations at every corner. I was uneasy when I called her because we had never met and I didn’t know what to expect, that didn’t last long, I was immediately put at ease.
She knows her stuff! Her recommendations are spot on, I will recommend Erika to everybody I know with no hesitation.”

- Donna Price, Executive Director

The Wapiyapi Classic Charity Ride

“Erika is exceptionally talented, professional, and easy to work with. It was important to us in our first year to make a lasting impression and match the high caliber of our featured cyclist, Lance Armstrong. Erika exceeded all our expectations. With very little direction from us, Erika took our marketing campaign from nonexistent to amazing and made our advertising stand out amongst the competition. Already impressed by her work for the Broncos, Erika’s work on our charity ride demonstrated how versatile she is. I would highly recommend her to anyone. We were extremely impressed and can’t wait to work with Erika again!”

- Meghan Zobeck, Event Director

Pillow, CPA

“Erika with I/O Designs, LLC is great! She quickly assessed what we needed and was able to deliver services faster and better than we expected. She even helped us with some general computer access as well!”

- Katherine Pillow, CPA

YESS Institute

“Erika Gritters at I/O Designs, LLC did amazing design work for the YESS Institute. We feel deeply grateful for her community contribution by delivering her services pro bono to our educational nonprofit. Her design of the YESS Institute’s 10th Anniversary Report reflects the professionalism, expertise and excellence that we strive to achieve.”

- Carlo Kriekels
Co-founder & Executive Director YESS Institute