The Power Behind I/O

The Power Behind I/O

The Company

INPUT/OUTPUT   That’s the meaning behind the common I/O symbol on most power buttons. It’s also the driving force behind who we are. We believe true creativity begins with a spark—it ignites something new and builds strength along the way. And that’s exactly what we work to do for our clients. We want to be there from the beginning, helping get your project started and then fueling it to keep your business running full speed ahead.

We’re fast. We’re efficient. And we make beautiful things happen through purposeful, high-quality design. But without your input, there can be no output. So let’s pair up and do this together. It’s a very kumbaya kind of experience. Trust us, you’ll like it.

The Fearless Leader

Erika Gritters, I/O Designs

Erika Gritters founded I/O designs after leaving her position as the Graphic Designer for the Denver Broncos. A team player through and through (Get it? The Broncos are a football team?), Erika decided she was ready to play captain and has been making her design dreams come true ever since.

Erika is a total nerd at heart. But don’t worry, she’s the good kind. Her undying passion for math and reason have made her exceptionally well equipped for solving problems—a skill she puts to work on every project she takes on. She’s got a knack for seamlessly combining a sense of childlike wonder with the logic of an old, experienced soul. That’s why it’s no wonder I/O Designs is where “the simpler times” meet the technology of today.

A few random facts, Erika loves gardening (getting outside is a nice departure from the computer screen from time to time), cartoons (Lilo and Stich is a personal favorite) and just enjoying life (inspiration’s gotta come from somewhere). So when she’s not crafting stunning designs on behalf of her clients, you can bet she’s packing a bag to head out on an adventure. Ask her about how long she can live out of a carry-on suitcase. The answer will
shock you.